Our products are mainly divided according to the type of used materials, thus in the two main categories below:

Bonded or synthetic marble: it is composed by powder of Carrara white marble and resin. In the years, we have succeeded in imitating perfectly the Carrara white marble, keeping the same crystalline features, in order to improve the structural compactness and the resistance to weather agents of out items.

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Fiberglass or plastic reinforced by fiberglass: composed of a special lamination of “Gelcoats”, glass wool and resin, making it unique in its inner and outer structure and distinguishing it from other products available on the market, which look the same but featuring a poorer quality.

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This special material lamination makes the final product resistant to the most different weather conditions and excellently resistant to breakage and structural failure. Both products, in synthetic marble and in fiberglass, can be ordered “white”, “bronzed”, “coloured” or “wood patinated”.

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